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The Copper Kettle

Set in a charming castle village, two girls meet and become best friends in spite of their differences. Their friendship (and one little girl’s determination) prove to be the difference between life and death for the other. Life lessons abound in this wonderfully illustrated book as friendship, love, humility, faith and thankfulness are taught through the actions of two friends, Mary and Belinda.

Crow and the Rainbow

Crow and the Rainbow is a beautifully illustrated, touching narrative in the tradition of the “just so” stories, and Native American tribal legends of the origins of each animals’ unique traits. In this thought-provoking story, Joshua Merrick relates the tale of how Crow rejected the counsel of the King, and in his jealousy and greed, sought to steal the colors of the rainbow.

As a result of his vanity, Crow’s beautiful feathers were singed and he lost his beautiful voice when he flew too close to the sun. It is only after he falls, scorched and defeated, that Crow learns of forgiveness as the King takes him in hand and gently washes the soot from his feathers.

The inspiration for this story was sparked by the curiosity of one of Merrick’s own daughters, and grew from such questions as, “Why are crows black? Why are they so noisy? And why do they like shiny things?” into an imaginative and perceptive look at how Crow came to be the way we see him now. This wonderful children’s story teaches young and old the dangers of jealousy and pride, and through it we come to know the love and compassion of a kind and kingly creator!


The Copper Kettle by Joshua Merrick on Amazon

Hand in hand with your best friend for life, step into the charming castle village and the wonderfully illustrated world of “The Copper Kettle”.

Joshua Merrick narrates a touching and inspiring tale full of life’s lessons about friendship, humility, love, faith, kindness and thankfulness…


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